Vic Rawlings – Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Ukulele

Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Ukulele

Vic Rawlings, Guitar/Banjo/Mandolin/Ukulele instructor, Mass Ave Music, Cambridge, MA

Vic Rawlings teaches fretted instruments in styles ranging from those rooted in traditional American music through to metal and noise.

He uses songs and sounds the student is interested in to build a curriculum specifically for that student. This includes general and specialized instrumental techniques, instruction on how to practice these skills, and recommended listening to expand the student’s awareness of the area of music they are interested in.
He emphasizes improvisation as a learning form and provides guidance in developing this skill at a very early stage.

Vic draws on 25+ years of experience as a professional teacher and 35+ years as a musician. He understands that a confident/powerful physical approach to the instrument and development of a musician’s ear are the primary skills all musicians need. He leads students through the experience of applying these skills as they learn to play the songs and styles they are most identified with.

Guitar: Carter and other trad fingerstyle forms, blues in many forms, mid-century twang country, as well as garden variety rock/metal/noise. (Maybelle Carter, Buck Owens, Link Wray, Rolling Stones, Slayer).
Banjo: clawhammer, upstroke, and 2- and 3- finger picking styles. (Roscoe Holcomb, Dock Boggs, Hobart Smith, Lee Sexton Dink Roberts)
Mandolin: traditional styles and non-traditional approaches including flatpick and fingerstyle.
Uke: A wide-open road- it’ll do anything! I like using simple traditional banjo styles on the uke.

He has been a visiting artist and given workshops at Harvard, Oberlin Conservatory, Princeton, and Dartmouth, among many others.
He studied privately with master teachers/musicians George Neikrug, Jon Damian, Joe Maneri, Chand Khan, and Lee Sexton. His teachers have been professors at Boston University, Berklee, New England Conservatory, and members of the traditional music communities of Varanasi, India and Linefork, Kentucky. Vic intentionally never attended a music school other than playing music in studios and on stages.
He has toured internationally as a performer and teacher, including festivals in Europe, Canada, and Mexico.
Significant performances include Jordan Hall (New England Conservatory), The Stone (NYC), Issue Project Room (NYC), Les Instants Chavirés (Paris).
For more on Vic, please see his website and CV

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