Jim Fitting – Harmonica


Jim Fitting has been teaching harmonica for twenty years and playing professionally for almost forty. A founding member of Treat Her Right, he has toured extensively and has recorded hundreds of sessions with a wide range of artists including the The, Morphine, the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Blood Oranges, Tim Gearan, Kim Richey, and, most recently, Session Americana.

“I approach teaching harmonica the same way I learned harmonica, though learning songs. Learning melody is the key to unlocking the ability to improvise. And as a harmonica player you must first play single notes, then learn to bend notes before you can approach more advanced techniques.

I have performed a lot. One of my most memorable gigs was at the Reading Festival in ’93 as a member of the The, we also performed “That was the Day” on Top of the Pops where I had to properly mime playing harmonica to the backing track. In treat Her Right we performed ” Tied To The Tracks” for David Lynch’s film Wild At Heart which ended up on the cutting room floor. I also sat in with Bonnie Raitt a number of times when Treat her Right was opening for her.”

Studied with Jerry Portnoy and Mike Turk. BA English Yale University

Student Quote:
“I am thrilled that I am actually learning harmonica. This is a testament to your excellence as a teacher!” Jesse Diamond

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